Blue & White Striped Tagine

Blue & White Striped Tagine

Item 402104

Abigails offering of three blue and white tagines, each one sporting a different design, are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Not only are they eye-catching, but recipes cooked in these vessels are outstanding. The conical shape creates a moist cooking result. Can also serve as a creating serving piece. Made in Portugal.
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Care: Before and after use, wash the Tagine in hot soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Use:  Oven use only up to 350 degrees F.

Do not leave lid immersed in dishwater, as the unglazed rim is absorbent.  Always use a cloth or oven gloves for lifting the hot Tagine.  Always stand the Tagine on a trivet, towel or cloth.  Care should be taken when removing the lid.  Lift it slowly, at an angle away from you, to allow steam to escape.  Let cool before submerging in water.