The reactive glazing technique used to create the unique look or our Bali collection produces an array of intense, variegated shades of green, similar to the greens found in nature on palm leaves and tropical vegetation.  Hand made in Portugal, each piece is created with its own characteristic patterning and color. 
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Bali Dinner Plate, Green* Item R405001

Hand made in Portugal using a "re-active" glazing technique that pairs multiple hues together to create an intense color and pattern that varies from piece to piece making each one unique to itself.

USD $124.00
Bali Footed Cake Plate, Green, Large Item 405007

The intense green color and solid beige base of this simple, footed cake plate will not distract from the fanciest of cakes or pastries.
USD $67.00
Bali Footed Cake Plate, Green, Small Item 405012

A petite sized footed cake plate, perfect for showcasing a perfectly decorated small cake, cupcake or even a fresh tart.
USD $60.00
Bali Matte Textured Pitcher, Ivory Item 405011

Featuring a textured finish, which is achieved by imprinting a gauze type fabric into the formed ceramic plate before it is fired, this quaint pitcher is the finishing touch on your picnic lunch table. 
USD $60.00
Bali Round Serving Platter, Green* Item R405010

An amble sized platter, at 13.5" diameter, large enough and versatile to serve a meat entree at dinner or a selection of sandwiches at an afternoon luncheon.  Nicely finished, smooth edge.
USD $67.00
Bali Salad Plate, Green* Item R405002

A lively salad plate to layer with the Bali Dinner Plate or Charger.  Also makes a great luncheon or dessert plate.
USD $116.00
Bali Serving Bowl, Green* Item R405005

Serve everything from side dishes, salads, pasta, or even rolls in this attractive serving bowl.    

USD $58.00
Bali Soup Bowl, Green* Item R405003

A very versatile bowl featuring the Bali green reactive glaze coloring on the inside and a neutral beige outside, with a smooth matte finish.  Making it adaptable in a variety of table settings, with the other Bali collection pieces or mixed with patterned or solid pieces on its own.

USD $104.00
Bali Teacup & Saucer Set* Item R405004

Whether your serving hot coffee or tea, this generously sized teacup and saucer set makes a warm addition to your breakfast or luncheon table setting.
USD $200.00
Bali Textured Charger, Ivory* Item R405000

The patterned edge detailing and the unique texture, which is achieved by imprinting a gauze type fabric into the formed ceramic plate before it is fired, give this charger a decidedly feminine feel.

USD $248.00
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