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Bari White Bowl

Item 260126

Bari is a seaport in southern Italy facing the Adriatic Sea.  The charming stone houses are surrounded by cactus plants and therefore was the inspiration for these lovely Italian made pottery pieces.
USD $250.00
Bari White Cachepot

Item 260125

Enjoy this handmade pottery piece both outdoors or inside. The cactus inspired designed is interesting and offers a contemporary feel. Handmade in Italy. 
USD $276.00
Bari White Vase

Item 260124

The prickly cactus that is so indigenous to the south of Italy is the inspiration for these great Italian pieces.  Enjoy them under cover outside or as decorative piece in your home.

USD $226.00
Blue Centerpiece with Rope Trim

Item 260120

Our beautiful blue ceramic centerpiece features a deep blue hue with a white rope accent evoking a Grecian feel. perfect for any table or garden. Hand crafted in Italy.

USD $233.00
Contempo Collection, Decorative Geometic Ceramic Footed Bowl Item 260113

A footed decorative bowl that adds a chic touch, perfect for a a smaller space.  Made in Italy.
USD $182.00
Contempo Collection, Decorative Geometric Ceramic Footed Plate Item 260112

This distinctive decorative plate with a crisp blue and white geometric design trimmed in gold is a stunning addition to the most stylish interior.  Made in Italy.
USD $350.00
Contempo Collection, Decorative Geometric Ceramic Vase Item 260114  BACK IN STOCK SOON

A tall, slender, stately vase accented with a crisp blue & white geometric pattern and trimmed in gold, makes a statement if filled with a bountiful bunch of blooms or simply on its own.  Made in Italy.
USD $264.00
Gray Centerpiece with Rope Trim

Item 260121

Complete with a stunning gray hue and hand-made rope accents, this piece is sure to make a statement in any setting. Made in Italy. 

USD $235.00
Centerpiece, Tall Ceramic with Cutwork Bowl

Item 723009

Looking for something to make a statement? This lovely white glazed ceramic centerpiece with its latticed bowl top might be it. It is truly special.

USD $173.00
Kasbah Brown Ceramic Jug with Rust Finish Item 234401

This unique ceramic glazed jug will bring a special "old world" feel to just about any space.  Featuring two, braided loop style handles and a ruffled edge top opening for added interest.
USD $247.00
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