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Blue Freeform Vase Item 400421


A collection of three hand made vase in interesting free form shapes.  All time favorite colors of blue and white which attractively decorate each piece.  Select a wave pattern, solid blue with white top, or wave & dot pattern - sold separately.  Made in Portugal. 

USD $43.00
Contempo Collection, Decorative Geometic Ceramic Footed Bowl Item 260113

A footed decorative bowl that adds a chic touch, perfect for a a smaller space.  Made in Italy.
USD $182.00
Contempo Collection, Decorative Geometric Ceramic Footed Plate Item 260112

This distinctive decorative plate with a crisp blue and white geometric design trimmed in gold is a stunning addition to the most stylish interior.  Made in Italy.
USD $350.00
Contempo Collection, Decorative Geometric Ceramic Vase Item 260114 

A tall, slender, stately vase accented with a crisp blue & white geometric pattern and trimmed in gold, makes a statement if filled with a bountiful bunch of blooms or simply on its own.  Made in Italy.
USD $264.00
Bari White Bowl

Item 260126

Bari is a seaport in southern Italy facing the Adriatic Sea.  The charming stone houses are surrounded by cactus plants and therefore was the inspiration for these lovely Italian made pottery pieces.
USD $250.00
Centerpiece, Tall Ceramic with Cutwork Bowl

Item 723009

Looking for something to make a statement? This lovely white glazed ceramic centerpiece with its latticed bowl top might be it. It is truly special.

USD $173.00
Honey & Matte White Ceramic Cachepot

Item 250318

 The rich honey glaze offset by a matte white makes this ceramic cachepot a standout piece. Perfect in a covered area or in the home. Made in Italy.

USD $118.00
Honey & Matte White Ceramic Centerpiece

Item 250316

This large ceramic centerpiece blends a traditional honey color with a trendy matte white. Try this as a focal point on your kitchen island for a bit of pizazz. Made in Italy.

USD $242.00
Kasbah Brown Ceramic Jug with Rust Finish Item 234401

This unique ceramic glazed jug will bring a special "old world" feel to just about any space.  Featuring two, braided loop style handles and a ruffled edge top opening for added interest.
USD $247.00
Kasbah Brown Ceramic Vase with Rust Finish Item 234400

A smooth, shiny glaze covers this low, round vase that features a pattern of raised scroll garland style designs.  Made in Italy.
USD $312.00
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