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Bali Matte Textured Pitcher, Ivory Item 405011

Featuring a textured finish, which is achieved by imprinting a gauze type fabric into the formed ceramic plate before it is fired, this quaint pitcher is the finishing touch on your picnic lunch table. 
USD $60.00
Bubble Glass Carafe, Amber*

Item R712441

Warm up your table with a sleek simple carafe in amber bubble glass. Makes a charming vase for seasonal flowers. All hand blown and pairs with other amber bubble glass items.

USD $23.00
Bubble Glass Carafe, Army Green*

Item R712440

Hand blown carafe in a smart army green color. Don't just save it for decanting wine as it is great filled with seasonal flowers or backyard greens.

USD $23.00
Bubble Glass Carafe, Red*

Item R712447

A wonderful way to make your table festive is using several of these nice fire engine red carafes on either end. They serve as great water bottles, vases or vessels for decanting wine. All handmade. 

USD $28.00
Bubble Glass Carafe, Sea Blue*

Item R712442

Handmade bubble glass carafe in a bright sea blue color. In addition to using it for beverages it makes a charming vase. All handmade. 

USD $23.00
Bubble Glass Pitcher, Amber*

Item R712444

The warm tones of amber are easy to use. This small pitcher of bubble glass is ideal for the time you need water by a bedside, cocktail tray or desk. Dishwasher safe. 

USD $14.00
Bubble Glass Pitcher, Red*

Item R712446

A nicely made bubble glass pitcher in fire engine red with a blown clear glass handle. Just right for the times you need something small. A glorious pitcher to use during the holiday season.

USD $30.00
Bubble Glass Pitcher, Sea Blue*

Item R712445

Sea blue is always a refreshing color and easy to use. This small pitcher is just the right size to place on a beverage tray or bar. Great next to bedside. 

USD $14.00
Classic Glass Carafe, Stopper, Regal Design

Item 164439

A regal shape in this elegant decanter. Nice clear lead free crystal.

USD $115.00
Classic Glass Pitcher, Dimple Design, Small*

Item R164430

If you are looking for a small pitcher for your bedside use or a pitcher for water on your cocktail tray, this is the one. This nice lead free crystal pitcher with dimples is ideal. All handmade. 

USD $41.00
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